Gallery III

This series of cut works signifies an extension of my solely woven pieces. By slicing through my weavings of contemporary faces and tribal images, I am cutting through time to expose the past. The underlying imagery reveals an older stratum of history based on archeological finds and early architecture. These ancient sites, fossils, cave paintings and petroglyphs represent links to society’s shared heritage. I am literally cutting into my own woven history to reveal images of humanity’s collective past, linking the viewer to other cultures, places and times.
The pieces on this page are stretched around wooden frames. Click on each photo for more information about attribution, fiber content and price. Contact the artist to purchase.

Images of Taino stone pestle & ancient ostrich shell beads. Wool, cotton, silk, acrylic paint. $925


Wool, cotton & silk hand-woven, cotton/polyester/metallic fabrics, acrylic paint.

Man/Snake/Wolf/Grass (detail)

Incorporates tribal mask & petroglyph. Wool & cotton, hand-dyed silk fabric, acrylic paint. $500

Meditation Highway

Incorporates Kabuki mask & ancient petroglyph. 18" X 16". $450


Ancient Pueblo site & African imagery. Handwoven, hand-dyed, mixed media. 18" X 14". $500

Inscription House

Incorporates ancient petroglyph. Wool & cotton, silk fabric, acrylic paint. 20" X 16". $525

Throwing My Hands Up in the Air

Fusible interfacing is attached to the back before cutting. Raw edges are painted with acrylic.

Cutting and painting the edges.

Ancient petroglyph image. Wool & cotton handwoven, cotton/poly fabrics, acrylic. 18" X 14" $450


Incorporates Neaderthal bones. Wool, cotton & silk hand-wovens, ultrasuede, acrylic, 20" X 16". $850

De-scattered Bones

Images of tribal mask & petroglyph (Libya). Wool, cotton, dyed silks, acrylic paint. 20" X 16". $500

Anger Cycle

African mask & Canyon de Chelly imagery. Handwoven & mixed media. 20" X 16". $500

Abandoned Dream

Images of Inuit carving, Hawaiian petroglyph, & Aquarius constellation. Mixed media. 20" X 16". SOLD

Rough Waters

After reassembling, additional fabric is layered across the back.

Cutting and painting the edges.