Gallery II

This page comprises more work created primarily in split-shed tied Beiderwand, woven on a 4-shaft loom.
Click on each photo for more information about attribution, fiber content and price. Contact the artist to purchase.

Incorporates Wari tapestry imagery & David Bowie. Wool & cotton, 40.5" X 32.5". $2,500

Four Muses (Wari Bowie)

Mixed media with split-shed weaving & Native American petroglyph. 18.5" X 18.5" X 3.75". $1,450


Wool & cotton, wood alphabet blocks, embroidery, family photos, metal rods & beads, paint, baby shoe


Mixed media with barbed wire abacus & 907 flames representing Jews sent back to Europe. $2200

What if Einstein Has Been a Passenger on the St. Louis?

Incorporates Wari vessel. Wool & cotton handwoven, 22" X 16". $725

Wari Hilary

Incorporates Wari tapestry image. Wool, cotton, rayon & silk handwoven. 16" X 20". $575

Cryptic Chronicle