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Handwoven Art

Deborah Silver

Click the button to watch a split-shed weaving demonstration.

The Technique of Split-Shed Weaving

A book that illustrates pictorial weaving using a split shed on 4-shaft looms

by Deborah Silver

Excerpts from Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot Review:

"This book has a wealth of information, clearly explained. Ms. Silver jumps right into the technique, which is illustrated with excellent photos and diagrams...This book offers benefits and enjoyment to a range of users, from advanced experienced weavers interested in pictorial weaving and four-shaft weave structures. It can be easily used as an independent study guide."


"In addition to explanations of the technique, weave structures, equipment, and cartoon making method, there are color photographs of samples woven with the split-shed technique."


The second edition is now available! 12 more pages! More tied weaves, more double weave, more piqué! Same price.

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